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In Germany, public administration includes federal authorities, state authorities and local authorities. For all of them, the digitization of their specialized procedures and the provision of online access for citizens is currently the most important concern. Be it the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the Federal Employment Agency, or the ministries of the federal or state governments, they are all pursuing digitization projects and regularly rely on the expertise of software service providers.

One example is the KONSENS project, the Coordinated New Software Development of the Tax Administration, for which the federal and state governments are cooperating on the digitization of tax administration according to the Efa principle, "one for all". The Act to Improve Online Access to Administrative Services, or Online Access Act or OZG, also commits the federal and state governments to offering citizens their services via electronic portals - and they will do so by the end of 2022.

It is already having the greatest impact on local authorities. They are currently dealing with the challenges of the smart city or smart region. This is largely about the question of how cities and regions should change so that they become more attractive and efficient through the use of modern technologies.

infoteam Software AG is part of these projects and supports our public administration with commitment and expertise in many exciting tasks from which we will all benefit.


Andreas Turk, Director Public Service


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Many topics - one partner for your solution

Agile development

The most common reasons for using agile methods are shorter time to market, optimization of quality and reduction of risks of the project. We have extensive know-how in Agile development and help you implement your project with agile methods. We are convinced of the advantages of agile frameworks and methods like Scrum or Kanban. We focus on active communication and intensive collaboration in our teams and with you, our customers. Together we define the first steps of a project and set short iteration periods at the end of which we present our results. We involve you at all times and are open to feedback in order to further optimize our collaboration. Consequently, this attitude can also be found in our Core Values: 

"We support and trust each other so that everyone can be enthusiastic about their work. We develop our customers' ideas with vision and transparency. Together, we shape the future." 

Fraud detection

Where there is money, there are cheats. When assessing and paying out state benefits, it is in the interest of everyone who pays taxes that the funds are allocated fairly and equitably to those who are entitled to them. However, the verification of proofs and documents not only serves the purpose of fraud detection, but also helps to automatically detect unknowingly incorrect information or insufficient quality of electronic documents and to report back to the customer of the authority early in the processing procedure. Ideally, this is already done in the electronic user portal. This significantly reduces the processing and communication effort. As a result, decisions and approvals can be made more quickly and, in the end, the money reaches the citizen more quickly. For the automatic processing of documents, infoteam relies on artificial intelligence (AI) methods for classification, extraction and plausibility checks.

Cloud Services

Digitalization has changed the requirements of companies, but also of the public sector - leaner processes with greater efficiency, more flexibility, more storage space, higher productivity and scalability, and lower costs.  

To achieve these requirements and goals, issues such as data protection, compliance, resilience and also connectivity are coming to the forefront and must always be taken into account when using customized and high-performance cloud services. Therefore, we are consistently building development capacity in Cloud Native.

In a market that is constantly reinventing itself, it is important to correctly interpret the trends that point the way to the future and define the right cloud strategy that meets all requirements for your use case. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) - public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. The goal in the individual selection of a suitable variant is always to obtain the highest flexibility in the choice of the means used. 

Cyber Security

Hackers, ransomware, data leaks, movement profiles on the Internet, and much more. - the threats to data security and thus the risks for IT users are manifold. No one wants personal data to be accessible without protection or to be used for commercial purposes without being asked. The success of public sector digitization stands and falls with the trust that citizens place in online portals. Cyber security is the solution for creating acceptance and, not least, for complying with legal requirements - keyword DSGVO. The protection of data against unauthorized access, the sovereignty of citizens to be able to decide for themselves on the use of their data and the protection of IT systems against attacks in order to maintain their availability, these are all the issues that are at stake in cyber security.

Software without cyber security should not really exist anymore. infoteam recognized this necessity early on and established its own competence center for cyber security. The consideration of security requirements is part of our processes in every software development project. In doing so, we are guided by ISO 27034. infoteam has a certified information security system according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. 


Digitization is currently the most important task facing public administration. Citizens rightly expect access to government services via modern online portals rather than standing in line and waiting at city hall or other government offices. This cannot be done without trust, so data security requirements and the desire for extensive data sovereignty must be taken into account at all costs. With the OZG, the Online Access Act, the federal, state and local governments have an obligation to offer administrative services digitally.

However, digitization can also improve the efficiency and simplicity of administrative processes. Often, automation is even possible, through which, for example, documents can be checked for quality and completeness or fraud attempts can be detected. The buzzwords smart city or smart region refer to various digital innovations at the municipal and regional level. 

Graph databases

With the ongoing digitization of society and the associated high availability of large volumes of data (Big Data) with highly interconnected information, a database is needed that can handle this, in contrast to the classic relational databases. 

Graph databases are particularly suitable for applications in which strongly networked information is to be stored, analyzed and connections traced and evaluated in a high-performance and efficient manner. In graphs, real facts can be mapped to a "natural, descriptive" model that resembles human thinking. This model can be flexibly extended and allows complex queries to be formulated in a comprehensible way and answered in a performant way. 

Typical examples for the use of graph databases are:   

  •  Analysis of relationships between users of social networks   
  •  Risk analysis   
  •  Fraud and anomaly detection   
  •  Analysis of financial transactions   
  •  Recomendation engines  

infoteam offers expertise in the selection, operation and configuration of graph databases through experience in the use of graph databases.

AI and Data Analytics

The term artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips, but its application to concrete challenges is still sometimes abstract and difficult. Thanks to our know-how in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can work with you to implement the sensible and transparent use of the technologies in your project. Together with you, we identify and develop application scenarios that can be massively accelerated by Machine Learning. Exemplary application areas here are the penetration and processing of files or the recognition and processing of repeating patterns in large amounts of data. The extraction of the desired information offers a range of further processing, such as the generation of text summaries or the automatic triggering of processes based on recognized patterns. Let's work together to accelerate your process using Artificial Intelligence.  

Your data in public administration is a strategic asset, but the amount of data has grown astronomically in recent years and is almost impossible to keep track of with normal means. With clear visual presentation, data can provide more visibility, deliver better business-critical results, and improve performance in a more efficient manner. With our expertise in data analytics, we can quickly and easily develop solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies to access all their data and visualize it in a simple and responsive way. We offer solutions to connect directly to your data or explore old data sets with better performance. Work with us to develop easy-to-understand dashboards that accelerate processes and shorten reporting times. Our data analytics solutions make your analyses faster, more transparent, more accurate and easier to communicate.  

Hospital Future Act

With the Hospital Future Act, for short, at the end of 2020 the federal government created the conditions for important and sensible innovations in hospital infrastructure and IT, among other things. Among many other, also non-technical goals, it is about the "improvement of the digital infrastructure such as the creation of patient portals, electronic documentation of care and treatment services, digital medication management, measures for IT security as well as cross-sector telemedical network structures". The application phase for funding is currently underway. The potential is huge, as are the challenges and risks, e.g., in data protection. With professional software development that also takes cyber security concerns into account from the outset, and many years of experience in the digitization of processes and procedures on the one hand and the realization of standard-compliant software for embedded systems, sensors and actuators on the other, infoteam is the ideal partner for the creation of powerful software-based solutions for hospitals.


You may have already thought about the use of microservices. The primary purpose of microservices is to modularize projects, but this can also be achieved through many other methods, such as the use of packages and JARs, which are familiar from the Java environment. The actual advantage that you gain by using microservices is certainly the flexibility that you gain, for example, in the usability of different technologies or the independence in deployment. For example, if you launch the various microservices each in individual Docker containers, you can choose your own platform and/or programming language for the respective microservice as required. The more independent use of different development teams, the simple and pinpoint scalability as well as the potentially higher robustness of the overall system also speak for the use of microservices. The easier maintainability, the simpler deployment of new or updated components and the strict separation from other components of the overall system are further good reasons that could persuade you to decide in favor of using microservices.

Online access set

The implementation is underway: By the end of 2022, public administration will be digital. That's what the law says, the Online Access Act, or OZG for short, or the "Act to Improve Online Access to Administrative Services" for long, and that's how it's being implemented in many places right now. We can all look forward to the fact that many federal, state and local government services will soon be available via electronic portals, making it unnecessary to go to the authorities. The first applications have already been implemented. The digitization of administration requires the development of powerful, reliable and secure software - infoteam's central offering.

Public IoT

IoT, the Internet of Things, is something we have heard about by now. The idea here is that the participants in the global network are no longer exclusively the users with their PCs or mobile devices, but also and independently devices, machines, sensors and actuators, e.g. the car, the refrigerator, the motion detector or electricity meter.  These are then called cyber-physical objects. But what is a public IoT? This term stands for the manifestation of the IoT in a specific area of application, in this case in public spaces. The cyber-physical objects are then traffic lights, street lamps, charging stations, but also wearables, which are sensors in clothing, pollution sensors, and much more. In the future, the Public IoT should be the basis for a Public Cyber-Physical System (pCPS), in which diverse data is collected, evaluated and on this basis, among other things, decisions are made with the help of artificial intelligence and then immediately implemented in the pCPS - for the good of all of us and in compliance with data protection concerns. infotam is a pioneer in the technology of cyber-physical systems and has already invested early in the development of frameworks for the provision of intelligent software agents. Public IoT - we are ready.

Robotic Process Automation

Business processes are usually automated by implementing workflows on BPM/BPA platforms (Business Process Management/Automation) after a preceding process optimization. This procedure is associated with a high deployment effort. It can be simplified by using software robots in Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, which independently perform routine user tasks in the graphical user interface (GUI) without changes to the existing process landscape and with the software tools already in place.

Applications include, for example, extracting data from input screens and transferring it to databases, as well as other flow control of interaction sequences for schematically repetitive work processes. RPA therefore leads to an increase in efficiency and processing quality of data in case processing much faster and with lower costs.

As a software house, infoteam brings a great deal of experience from the application area of test automation to RPA projects. After all, this is nothing more than the automatic control of graphical user interfaces. In this way, we enable our customers to quickly realize their potential in process automation.


Smart Cities - from strategy to practice

Strategic planning on the complex path to the smart city requires optimal interaction between municipalities as service providers for citizens, compliance with legal framework conditions and a balanced technological mix. Above all, this should remain agile and in the flow of the constantly changing innovation cycles. 

Flexibility at the interfaces between the technologies and tools used is just as much a focus here as the data sovereignty of all the different users. Federal, state and local governments are faced with the challenges of modernizing specialized procedures, making suitable interfaces to existing IT infrastructure feasible and digitizing complex administrative processes.   

Thanks to the wide-ranging competencies of the infoteam Software Group, with many years of experience and extensive expertise in software development for a wide variety of applications, we are a holistic partner for your complex goals. 

As a sustainable basis for any kind of these digitization projects, a certain technological as well as personal diversity is relevant for the success of the implementing partners. For example, the use of IIoT, AI, sensor technology or certified cyber security is indispensable in building and energy automation or also in future-proof mobility solutions, multi-agent systems and even a digitalized data infrastructure together with data use and analysis.  

Software quality

Software quality is not a coincidence, but is taken into account from the very beginning of the development process at infoteam. We have almost 40 years of experience in the professional development of software solutions for our customers in the public sector, industry and medicine. With this know-how we would like to support your projects and procedures as well.  

A crucial success factor for your project is the inclusion of quality assurance measures from the very beginning. Test concepts include automated and manual testing and fit seamlessly into the development activities, take place at the same time. Only the interaction of all quality assurance measures ensures high quality for your product. We at infoteam are happy to advise you here and, in addition to consulting and the creation of mature test concepts, we also support you in the implementation and evaluation of concrete individual tests. 


XÖV - XML in Public Administration - is a standard for electronic data exchange in public administration. Its development and operation is coordinated via the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT). The goal is to develop and establish a uniform, binding form of electronic data exchange. 

A uniform standard ensures that several different interfaces do not exist for a specific technical purpose. Uniform implementation concepts reduce development costs and also ensure investment security in software development. 

XÖV consists of many individual standards that define the electronic interfaces of the individual business purposes. XRechnung, for example, standardizes electronic invoicing for public sector customers. This makes it possible to send electronic invoices in a legally compliant manner. Another standard is XMeld, which regulates the electronic exchange of data between public authorities. In addition, there are many other standards that cover the most diverse fields of application and are used in the respective areas. 

Due to our experience with XÖV and XML standards as well as XML validation in general, infoteam is the ideal partner to support you in the XÖV-compliant implementation of your software.


We work with both state-of-the-art and classical methods/technologies to generate the best possible result for you.


Project Management  


Application Development  




Data Science  



MIKRO FOKUS Silk Test, MIKRO FOKUS UFT, SoapUI, JUnit, QF-Test, Selenium, TestNG, Ranorex, Jasmine, Protractor


Jenkins, sonarqube, CHEF Progress, JFrog Artifactory


docker SWARM, kubernetes, KEYCLOAK

Our services at a glance

Software engineering is our passion. Our expertise goes far beyond pure coding. From requirements management, software architecture, agile development processes, project management, usability engineering, and test automation to the topics of databases, data analytics, and artificial intelligence - we offer a complete service portfolio with all relevant topics related to software development. To this end, we use the most modern tools for project management, application development, build, deployment, testing and data analysis. 

In summary, this means for you as a customer:

  • Many years of expertise in software development
  • High IT security standards at every location
  • Complete teams in holistic project requirements
  • Flexible availability in staff scheduling
  • Expertise in business processes and procurement law
  • Fixed contact persons during the entire project duration

Our contribution to the public administration of tomorrow

Software is a team sport, that is our self-image, that is in our DNA: We build teams, together with our partners and customers. Our joint successes, the realization of demanding and highly innovative software projects, are thus based on fairness and trust.    

In the metropolitan region Nuremberg an Ruhr we are present, rooted and on-site in the customer team. We are software experts with experience from projects and specialized procedures in public administration, security-checked and with a high demand on the quality of our software. 

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