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How to make laboratory processes digital

infoteam Software AG is targeting large laboratory operators and laboratory equipment manufacturers at this year's analytica

Bubenreuth, 25th of January 2024

  • Software solutions for complex laboratory processes
  • Connectivity of laboratory devices (LADS, SiLA2, Bluetooth, manufacturer-specific interfaces, etc.)
  • Embedded software, middleware, application software, AI development

infoteam Software AG is focusing on the digitalization and automation of complex laboratory processes at this year's analytica, which takes place in Munich from 9 to 12 April 2024. These include, for example, weighing processes with their numerous interfaces to EMS, ERP, CMMS and LIMS and clear requirements for the regulatory-compliant documentation of digital workflow (audit trail). Customer and requirement-specific software solutions are far superior to generic tools in such cases, as they consider the operating environment, the existing infrastructure, and the established processes in the laboratory.

As a software service provider with 40 years of experience in software development and the networking of machines, devices and software in standard-compliant areas, infoteam is the first point of contact at this year's analytica for operators of large laboratories (sometimes across multiple locations) who are currently planning and implementing their digital transformation strategy. As inspiration at analytica, infoteam will be showing a digitalized laboratory setting in which laboratory device data is visualized and evaluated as well as complex processes are controlled via mobile applications.

Connectivity of laboratory devices

In addition to the development of embedded software, middleware, and application software and in accordance with the requirements of IVDR, infoteam also focuses on the central topic of connectivity for laboratory device manufacturers. While infoteam has always integrated open-technology communication interfaces such as SiLA2, bluetooth and proprietary interfaces, the open and manufacturer-independent LADS standard has been officially available for the first time since the end of 2023. It was developed within the industry association SPECTARIS, is based on the global industry standard OPC UA and is equipped with domain-specific extensions for the laboratory sector as a so-called "Companion Specification". As a Spectaris member and key co-designer of the standard, infoteam will be offering free initial advice on implementing LADS in existing and future laboratory devices and software at analytica.

Optimized workflows with AI

The incipient digitalization and networking of devices, software and processes in laboratories is establishing the basis for the use of artificial intelligence systems. In the industrial sector and medical technology, infoteam has already been developing AI applications for various tasks for over 15 years, and the tools available are cross-sectoral. Laboratory equipment manufacturers and laboratory operators are now under pressure to identify potential applications for AI and assess the cost-benefit factor. infoteam will also be providing advice on this at analytica.

infoteam Software AG will be presenting its service portfolio in hall B2, stand 415.

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