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Pharmaceutical industry, in-vitro diagnostics, bioprocess technology, analytics or medical technology: Every industry has its requirements, work processes and special disciplines for which you as a device manufacturer, system integrator or laboratory operator are an absolute expert. As soon as you want to digitize and automate your workflows or offer your laboratory and medical equipment a decisive user added value via the software, we are your ace up the sleeve. We support you from software prototyping in device pre-development through digital work processes in the laboratory to standard-compliant software as a stand-alone application or as a component of certified medical and laboratory products.

We are one of the few software service providers in Europe to have a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485 and our own development process that meets the relevant requirements of IEC 62304 and other relevant standards. MDR-, IVDR-, FDA-, NMPA- and GMP-compliant software can therefore be developed flexibly according to your or our processes and we can provide you with comprehensive and professional support from the idea to certification. Read more ...


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Embedded software

The development of embedded software has been one of our great strengths for many years. Our software sets your hardware in motion (also with regard to real-time requirements) and creates the basis for continuous communication and networked systems – of course always with regard to current security requirements. Especially for the needs and specifications in laboratory automation and medical technology, we combine our embedded knowledge with our expertise in standard-compliant software development for medical and laboratory devices up to the highest risk class. Read more ...


Application software

Desktop applications as well as mobile apps and cloud solutions, which are becoming increasingly important in medical and laboratory technology, are our daily business. They all need to provide the highest levels of stability, security and performance while being intuitive to use, and therefore require the use of robust and future-proof technologies in addition to industry experience. Our more than 300 employees master the extensive and fast-growing spectrum of modern software development, which, together with our expertise in standard-compliant software development for medical and laboratory products, is also perfectly suited for applications in the life sciences sector.

As an experienced partner, we support you throughout the entire software and product life cycle especially in the development of standards-compliant and certified medical apps. Read more ...



For us, standardized communication interfaces are the prerequisite for continuous networking in the laboratory and medical environment. Only in this way can devices, processes and applications be controlled decentrally and data exchanged, processed and analyzed across locations.

  • For consistent data management in higher laboratory systems (e.g. LIMS) and standardized control mechanisms, we not only rely on the use of international standards such as LADS (German only) based on OPC UASiLA, and AnIML, but are also actively involved in the respective committees.
  • For medical image data management, we use the HL7 (Health Level 7) standard, which is widely used in hospital information systems (HIS), through the use of DICOM. But we are also familiar with FHIR and other standards.

Our scalable and modular zenLAB® Middleware Framework, which is aimed at laboratory operators and device manufacturers alike, is designed specifically for the processes and requirements of the modern laboratory. zenLAB® simplifies the everyday working practices of your customers and employees by networking laboratory devices, establishing a uniform database from the laboratory to management level for the first time, and increasing the degree of digitisation from experiment execution to documentation. Unlike conventional standard software, zenLAB® does not leave you with procedures that are almost impossible to implement in your daily life. The lab-specific modules exactly mirror the requirements and processes that you, your employees and your customers need to be as efficient as possible. 

zenLAB® - Middleware Framework for Networked Laboratories

On the way to the lab 4.0

With zenLAB, infoteam offers a middleware framework for individual software and platform solutions around the networked, digital laboratory. As a result, laboratories no longer have to adapt to the software, but the software adapts to the laboratory requirements.

zenLAB® in detail

Your customers’ and employees’ time is too valuable to spend manually typing test results into computer systems or transferring them with USB sticks. New laboratory devices should be easily and safely integrated and networked into existing infrastructures. Automated processes are able to perform monotonous routine operations and reduce their susceptibility to errors. From the laboratory to the management level, a new layer of efficiency can be achieved once all employees have access to the data they need for their work: conducting experiments, intelligent laboratory management, predictive maintenance and much more.

These days, networked laboratories are often talked about but rarely implemented. This is mainly due to the fact that standardised interfaces are still in development and existing higher standard software (e.g. LIMS) is not designed for continuous networking and laboratory-specific requirements. These obstacles can only be overcome with a scalable middleware layer.

With the zenLAB® middleware framework, you can build your networked laboratory on the basis of pre-developed standard components and reproduce the specific functions, requirements and processes that will most benefit your, your customers’ and your employees’ work. The fundamental idea of zenLAB is based on three central elements:

  • The ready-made zenLAB software architecture enables devices, databases and higher IT systems such as LIMS to flexibly network.
  • The zenLAB database allows for the structured storage of data, whereby in many cases zenLAB® supports the integration of preexisting
  • The zenLAB plug-in approach ensures that functionalities can be added, expanded and used in zenLAB® at any time. Several pre-developed
    are also provided by zenLAB® in the form of basic components. They are essential for most IT platforms in the laboratory, which is
    why new development would be an unnecessary expense. Individual and project-specific plug-ins, called modules, meet laboratory-specific

Laboratory-specific modules can be used in the same way as the basic components and can, for example, perform tasks such as device control, scheduling tests, usage management and LIMS functions. Each specific module generally has a user interface, which is clearly defined and therefore self-contained. A single module can provide the user with various graphical user interfaces (GUIs) based on different technologies and designed for different end devices (desktop GUI, web-based GUI and GUI for mobile devices). The zenLAB architecture makes it possible to run specific modules on different servers, which access the zenLAB plug-in host from there. This is particularly relevant for large or growing laboratories as several departments with their own specific zenLAB modules can still use the central zenLAB infrastructure.

In many cases, zenLAB® supports the development of standard-compliant software platforms and of standard-compliant plug-ins. The zenLAB architecture, basic components and their documentation are based on the leading standards. In addition, a large number of prepared templates for standard-compliant documentation of specific modules is available.

Are you ready for the step into the digital age of networked laboratories? Feel free to contact us now, with no obligations, so that we can discuss your needs and our work.

zenLAB® Downloads

Whitepaper zenLAB® – Middleware framework for networked laboratories

zenLAB® – Middleware framework for networked laboratories

Scalable middleware framework zenLAB®. Connection and application level between devices and LIMS

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Data science and analytics

Laboratory and medical devices today generate more digital data than ever before, e.g. image data for MRT or CT devices, device data on the current state of a medical or laboratory device, analysis data from laboratory tests, etc. For more than twelve years, our Data Science & Analytics experts have been dedicated to extracting new knowledge from our customers' data. The design and implementation of artificial intelligence systems inspire us every day and often bring our customers the decisive steps forward. From image recognition to predictive maintenance and predictive analytics, we are your contact. Read more ...

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LADS OPC UA for future-proof networked laboratories

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Data sheet zenLAB® – Middleware-Framework

zenLAB® – Middleware-Framework

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Whitepaper zenLAB® – Middleware framework for networked laboratories

zenLAB® – Middleware framework for networked laboratories

Scalable middleware framework zenLAB®. Connection and application level between devices and LIMS

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