Image Processing

Is your high-performance software providing high-resolution image data with high frame rates, but the outdated algorithms in your software are no longer able to properly processes the large data volumes and high quality? With infoteam as your software development partner, you can benefit from our comprehensive expertise in image processing and the analysis of large image data with the highest performance standards.

By using the latest graphics cards and multi-processor systems, we enable real-time processing of large data volumes, such as high-resolution image data. Our algorithms can be scaled up to more powerful hardware at any time thanks to parallel programming paradigms (e.g. Nvidia® CUDA® technology).

We take of the following for you:

  • Image processing (e.g. edge detection)
  • Enhancement and editing of images before visual or automated processing (restoration, application-specific optimisation, standardisation, encoding)
  • Image reconstruction procedures (e.g. filtered rear projection for CT)
  • Image annotation and feature recognition via classic algorithms or neural networks
  • Pattern recognition and object tracking (e.g. OCR or augmented reality applications) by means of traditional algorithms or neural networks

We develop your image-processing system for industrial applications, camera-based systems in transportation or imaging medical devices. We comply with the HL7 (Health Level 7) standard used in hospital information systems (HIS) in our applications through the use of DICOM for medical image data management.

We make use of our expertise in CUDA® technology not only in conventional image processing, but also in the analysis of homogeneous data (e.g. operating data). For example, we train neural networks for use in your predictive analytics applications.

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