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Databricks & infoteam

A partnership that takes data solutions to the next level.

With the powerful Databricks platform, we are able to develop innovative data solutions for our customers. Our expertise, such as the development of scalable data pipelines and the rapid prototyping of data science models, requires powerful tools for processing. And this is where Databricks comes into play: with the Databricks Lakehouse platform, not only can particularly large volumes of data be processed, but they can also be processed very quickly. For our customers, this means prompt evaluation, analysis and use of the data.

The use of open source LLMs (Large Language Models) in Databricks also offers customers significant advantages: individual customization and maximum data security by hosting LLMs in their own cloud.

Do you have any questions? Simply send us an email to datascience@infoteam.de and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can find more information about the cooperation with Databricks here.