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With infoteam to "AI in laboratory"

infoteam is a key element of the specialist publication by the industry association SPECTARIS and Messe München on the occasion of analytica 2024

The German industry association SPECTARIS and Messe München have published a comprehensive technical report on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in laboratories to coincide with analytica 2024. It provides important insights directly into the laboratory sector, focuses on specific use cases and discusses strategic aspects. Alongside other companies and industry leaders, infoteam contributes three articles to the publication.

Starting on page 10, Alexander Brendel, Director Life Science at infoteam, answers questions in a specialist interview. Among other things, he discusses the greatest potential for the use of AI in the laboratory as well as the requirements and possible procedures for the development of AI systems.

Dr. Stefano Signoriello, Lead Data Scientist at infoteam, then presents a crash course on the most important current buzzwords and technical terms relating to artificial intelligence and explains them briefly and concisely (p. 14f.).

It concludes with a concrete AI example from practice. On page 26f., Thomas Eichmann from the infoteam subsidiary in Switzerland shows how AI can support quality control in DNA and RNA oligonucleotide synthesis.
Click here for the free specialist publication "AI in laboratory" (German only).

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