Artificial Intelligence

Your time is precious. Too precious. So, automate complex processes that conventional software is no longer able to map adequately. Use the enormous potential offered by artificial intelligence through machine-learning algorithms.

The potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) have been growing significantly for many years. This is due to technological advances in parallel computations using graphics cards. The extensive use of AI in the consumer market has led to a rapid increase in application quality, with the result that machine learning is now taking on higher volumes and increasingly complex tasks in industrial environments, such as

infoteam has over ten years of extensive experience in data analytics, machine learning and neural networks. Combined with our expertise in software-controlled automation solutions, we develop artificial intelligence systems which utilise the results acquired from machine learning processes in a self-learning approach to make decisions and perform actions automatically. This improves the speed, quality and precision of your processes. For autonomous driving systems in particular, we combine our expertise in the areas of AI development and functional safety up to the highest safety level.

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Data Science

Our data science team takes care of your data. This includes the compilation and preparation of the data basis as well as the development of…

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Predictive Analytics

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