Everybody is talking about intelligent networking, IoT and data science, yet many companies still need to set up the basic principles for the modern world. infoteam will help you when it comes to digitisation, so you can exploit, process and use your data digitally. In the future, you will be able to:

  • use your data wherever you are,
  • automate work steps and manual processes,
  • analyse operating data and user data – through to predictive analytics applications and artificial intelligence systems.

We develop and maintain solutions across all industries for all of our markets, in order to generate and store digital data and use it the context of analysis procedures for the automation of production or laboratory processes. We work with you to digitise your components, equipment and work processes – including for use in normatively regulated environments.

Digitisation in Practise

Paperless Production Orders, Laboratory Processes, etc.

Production orders are often submitted in paper form from work station to work station, which makes structured organisation and traceability difficult. In laboratories, too, lab books and test instructions (standard operating procedures or SOPs), are typically in paper form. infoteam will digitise your work processes and documentation according to your workflows and the applicable normative regulations.

Data Usage for Embedded Devices and Machine Controls

Many embedded devices and machine controls produce digital data without storing it for a long period of time. We help you to make this data usable for long-term analysis and can transfer PLC data to central databases, for example. Particularly in the case of limited data bandwidth (e.g. transmission via SIM card), we prepare the data packages via edge computing directly on the machine control for transfer to databases. In this way, we ultimately ensure that all existing digital data in your company can be combined uniformly and used throughout your company as a consolidated database. We develop tailored data analytics applications for you, so you can identify previously unknown information and sustainably improve the quality and efficiency of your products and production processes.

Interfaces, Gateways, Communication Protocols

Innovative IoT solutions require communication between software applications across all systems and all locations. We integrate interfaces, gateways and appropriate communication protocols into your software – particularly in normatively regulated environments like functional safety, such as for secure data communication in rail technology.

Legacy Software, Reverse Engineering

We carry out reverse engineering, or the decryption of legacy software on older systems. In this way, we can carry out the necessary modernisation of software components and interfaces for communication across all systems and locations or replace them with new developments. In the normatively regulated environments of medical technology and laboratory automation in particular, the applicable MDR, IVDR and FDA regulations must be observed and documented accordingly.

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