PLC Programming Systems

Even in times of Industry 4.0 and M2M communication, PLC programming remains the basis for your success. infoteam supports you with PLC systems and development of your applications.

With the launch of the OpenPCS programming system in 1985, infoteam laid the foundation for one of the first platform-independent soft PLC systems. We continue to develop OpenPCS today, which is why it is used by numerous well-known OEMs throughout the world. infoteam offers two different PLC programming systems:

  • OpenPCS: IEC 61131 Soft PLC, optimised for performance and footprint
  • ISaGRAF: IEC 61499/61131 soft PLC, optimised for decentralised control applications

All two PLC programming systems consist of two components – the programming system for development of your control applications and the runtime system that ultimately runs the application on your hardware. In general, the runtime system is always provided in the form of an SDK  in the source code, offering maximum flexibility and transparency to you and your customers.

Whether you use OpenPCS or another typical PLC system such as CoDeSys, Beckhoff TwinCAT or Siemens S7 and S5 with TIA Portal, we successfully help you with the development of your software from the firmware to the control application.

PLC Programming Systems in Practise


OpenPCS is the tried-and-tested version of our IEC 61131-3-compliant programming environment for the development of control applications. With the SmartPLC/Embedded runtime system on your control, you can create a programmable system according to IEC 61131-3 from your new or existing hardware quickly and conveniently. OpenPCS is optimised for microcontrollers with limited storage space and high performance demands. Using predefined API interfaces, the OpenPCS development environment can be extended with additional tools (editors, configurators, OEM add-ins) and adapted to customer demands.


As a programming environment based on  IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499, ISaGRAF can meet the highest modularity and flexibility demands for programmable logic controls. infoteam supports you in customising ISaGRAF up to integration of entire systems into existing infrastructures.The underlying Visual Studio shell enables third-party tools to be integrated into the ISaGRAF workbench at various depths. This gives you maximum customisable functionality with a consistent look and feel.

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