Cyber Security

Is software still functionally safe if unauthorised individuals are able to manipulate it? Should hackers be able to cripple your customers’ production processes or gain access to sensitive patient data? Our answer is an emphatic “no”! infoteam therefore recommends taking cyber security into account before and during the development of your software, to ensure that corresponding security measures can be in place from the outset.

We follow the ISO 27000 series of standards here, in particular ISO 27034, which relates to the security of software applications. It describes a process landscape for the implementation of cyber security, whose measures run parallel to the development process. In this way, we can identify potential threats during the design and development phase and implement appropriate defence measures in accordance with IEC 62443. This often only involves a small amount of additional effort in the case of a solid risk analysis.

For functionally safe software, we can link the security process with our TÜV-certified process guideline iFSM according to IEC 61508, SIL 3. This significantly reduces development effort for functionally safe, attack-proof software.

Especially for medical technology and laboratory automation, our certified quality management system according to ISO 13485 guarantees the security of your software against attacks in accordance with FDA, MDR and IVDR specifications. In conjunction with risk management and usability engineering, our development process focuses on the protection of highly sensitive medical data and critical processes in clinical environments from the outset. In this way, any security risks can be identified, evaluated and eliminated during planning and development of the software in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines.


Security right from the start

As an experienced supplier of technically complex systems and/or components, you know the requirements of your customers only too well. Performance, easy handling and integration, plug&play and design - these are just a few of the requirements that determine success in international competition. But what about security, protection of data and systems against attacks and manipulation?

Under the name "Security right from the start" infoteam offers tailor-made concepts and solutions for the security of your data. The concepts intervene in missing areas in a project- and customer-specific manner, or can supplement missing parts in the development process.

We would be happy to help you get started or expand your security.

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