infoteam and databricks - a strong partnership

Together with Databricks, we are working on the data landscape of tomorrow

  • Brief overview: We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Databricks, a leading data analytics and AI solutions company. Databricks offers a unified analytics platform based on Apache Spark™ that provides extensive data processing and machine learning capabilities. The platform is known for its ability to simplify big data and AI and make it accessible and manageable for organizations of all sizes.
  • The vision of our partnership: Our partnership with Databricks aims to unlock the power of big data analytics and AI for our customers and improve their ability to make data-driven decisions. We are convinced that the integration of Databricks' cutting-edge technology with our expertise will open up new opportunities for innovation and efficiency.


Frank Müller, Director Data Solutions


Success Stories / Case Studies

UseCase RAG

We have a huge knowledge base. 

How can we find the right information quickly?


We have combined the knowledge base with an intelligent retriever and a large language model (LLM). 

Ask it a question and it will show you where to find the relevant information (including explicit sources so you can check its veracity and relevance), a concept called Retrieval Augmented Generation.




Benefits of the partnership

Key Benefits: 

  • Advanced data analytics: Leverage Databricks' robust analytics engine to process and analyze large data sets quickly and efficiently.
  • Integration of AI and machine learning: Access to cutting-edge AI tools to make smarter, data-driven decisions.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Solutions that grow with your business and provide the scalability needed to handle growing data volumes and complexity.
  • Enhanced data security: Best-in-class security measures that ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the best tools and resources in the industry. Our partnership with Databricks is a testament to this commitment and marks a new era in our journey to data-driven excellence.

Everything under one roof




Real-Time Data Applications

BI and SQL

Data Science

Machine Learning

Real-Time Data Applications

  • Leverage Databricks for your real-time data analytics: Thanks to our partnership with Databricks, we can offer advanced real-time data processing that enables organizations to make timely and informed decisions based on the latest data insights.

  • Optimized operational efficiency: Databricks' powerful analytics tools are key to transforming raw data into actionable insights that improve operational efficiency and responsiveness in dynamic market conditions.

BI and SQL

  • Enhanced BI capabilities with Databricks: Databricks integrates seamlessly with our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, such as Qlik and Power BI, providing robust SQL analytics capabilities that allow users to perform complex data analysis with ease.

  • Data-driven decision making: With Databricks, we enhance your ability to query, visualize and analyze data and turn it into strategic insights for informed business decisions.

Data Science

  • Our partnership with Databricks expands our data science capabilities and provides a collaborative environment for data scientists to create and deploy sophisticated models.

  • Innovative solutions through data exploration: With Databricks, we offer cutting-edge data exploration and experimentation tools that are essential for driving innovation and discovering new business opportunities.

Machine Learning

  • Together with Databricks, we bring cutting-edge machine learning technology to your organization, enabling the creation of predictive models and intelligent applications.

  • Transformative AI solutions: By leveraging Databricks' ML capabilities, we help you unlock new levels of efficiency and automation, transforming your operations with AI-powered insights and solutions.

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