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14. Embedded Software Engineering Congress - from 29.11. to 3.12.21 | digital

infoteam is represented by two experts at the 14th Embedded Software Engineering Congress. The event will take place digitally from 29.11. to 3.12.21.


  • On Wednesday, 1.12, at 15:40 hrs.

Frank Poignée, Safety Expert

AI as a relevant contribution to a safety function - How is AI brought into a functionally safe system in conformity with TR 5469 and AR 2842-61?

Integrating AI into a functionally safe system is not easy, as we rely on meeting normative requirements.

IEC 61508, as the basic functional safety standard, references TR 5469 for systems where AI forms a relevant contribution to the safety function.
This TR 5469 was produced in collaboration between the functional safety experts of IEC SC65A and the AI experts of ISO/IEC SC42 WG3, and provides guidance on considerations that are expected to be necessary for the use of an AI in a safety function.

Much more concrete than the TR, VDE-AR 2842-61 formulates a generic framework for the development and trustworthiness of autonomous/cognitive systems.

The lecture takes up central elements from both the TR and the AR in order to present a compliant approach for functionally safe systems with AI as a relevant contribution to the safety function in examples.

  • On Thursday, 2.12, at 9 am:

Max Perner, security expert

(Security) Risk Analysis - A Comparison of Analyses According to Different Standards

Information security is becoming increasingly important for customers of software systems. However, the cost factor is often cited as a decision against security. However, sound risk management shows that the "why" is very important for the "what". In this way, measures can be determined and implemented efficiently, regardless of whether the scope is an entire company or a single product. Differences and similarities between the standards ISO 27005, IEC 62443, ISO 30000 and the frameworks of NIST and BSI will be presented.

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