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"Visit of a Chinese delegation"

Suzhou Xiang Cheng Government visits infoteam

As part of their trip to Germany on 14th September 2018, Yong Qing, Zhang (Mayor of Xiang Cheng),  Yu Liang, Fu (Deputy Director of Administration Xiang Cheng), Qiang, Li (Deputy Director of Administration Xiang Cheng Gao Xin district), Jin, Zhou (Deputy Minister for Science and Technology in the Gao Xin district) and Juan Juan, Li (Deputy Minister of Administration Xiang Cheng), five political representatives from the Chinese Suzhou Xiang Cheng, visited infoteam Software AG in Bubenreuth. The Chinese guests were particularly interested in Data Science & Analytics as well as standard-compliant software solutions. The delegation from Suzhou received insights in form of a specialist lecture on the subject of data analytics. In addition to technical content, the further development of the Chinese infoteam branch in Suzhou was also discussed. The guests were particularly impressed by the team spirit and corporate culture at infoteam.