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infoteam lives diversity

At infoteam, diversity is a self-evident basic value of the corporate culture.

When talking about diversity, many people think of the gender debate. Diversity has far more dimensions than "just" men and women. Diversity also means diversity in terms of age, origin, ethnicity or skin colour, our cultural imprint, mental and physical abilities or sexual identity. Diversity can be visible, but it can also express itself in our mental differences. At infoteam, diversity is a normality and at the same time a self-evident basic value of our corporate culture. We are proud to be an employer whose talents work together in a fair, appreciative and unprejudiced atmosphere.

Today more than 300 employees from 21 different nations work at infoteam, with a wide range of life and work experiences, perspectives and values. This diversity is an enormous enrichment - but it also requires a culture of tolerance, respect and appreciation. This is precisely why infoteam actively promotes a working environment that is free of prejudice and where appreciation of the other person is a natural part of the corporate culture. As a sign that these values are close to our hearts, infoteam joined the Charta der Vielfalt e. V. at the end of 2019.