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Bring your child to work

The infoteam Software Group's Dad-Mom-Child-Room offers parents the opportunity to combine childcare and office work

Bubenreuth, August 4th 2020

  • Dad-Mom-Child-Room (German: Papa-Mama-Kind-Zimmer; PaMaKiZi) available since June 2020
  • The idea was born after the closure of day-care centres and schools due to the Corona pandemic
  • Offer to continue after Corona, in order to better combine family and career and give parents more flexibility

Daycare centre closed, childminder ill, grandma and grandpa on holiday - and now an important appointment at the office. The infoteam Software Group has recently started supporting parents in such situations with the Dad-Mom-Child-Room (German: Papa-Mama-Kind-Zimmer; PaMaKiZi). The bright office is located at the company's headquarters in Bubenreuth (Nuremberg metropolitan region) and is equipped with a high chair and child's corner seat as well as a modern, height-adjustable desk, two screens, docking station and air conditioning. Due to the current hygiene and safety measures resulting from the Corona pandemic, a basic cleaning is carried out after each use. Children and parents must currently bring their own toys. The service has been available since June 2020 and is already well received despite the current high home office rate.

The idea for the PaMaKiZi was born during the time of the first Corona measures, when many parents at infoteam also had to cope with the short-term closure of day-care centres and schools. "We immediately offered all parents a home office back then, and a little later almost 100 percent of all employees were in the home office," recalls Michael Sperber, member of the board at infoteam Software AG. Currently, home office is still the preferred working method, but for a few weeks now, the presence in company offices has been slowly increasing again. "Some parents at infoteam are still affected by temporary childcare measures even now," says Michael Sperber. "Anyone who is unable to work properly at home or wants to do tasks in the office on site can now easily book the PaMaKiZi and bring their child to work".

infoteam has been supporting the families in the company for many years with offers such as part-time work, home office and subsidies for kindergarten care. "We first needed Corona to come up with the idea of the PaMaKiZi," says Michael Sperber. But now the PaMaKiZi is to remain long-term and, after Corona, will also be equipped with toys.

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Possible picture caption: The Dad-Mom-Child-Room at the infoteam Software Group in Bubenreuth is already enjoying great popularity among parents and children just a few weeks after the launch.

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