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AI workshops at anniversary price

40 limited AI workshops until end of July 2023

Bubenreuth, 14th of March 2023

  • 40 AI workshops at the anniversary price of 1,000 €
  • cross-sector offer
  • starting point for professional data analysis and AI projects

infoteam Software AG is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the Data Science department is joining in the celebrations. At www.infoteam.de/en/ki-workshops, it is therefore offering 40 AI workshops up to the end of July 2023 at the special price of 1,000 euros. The offer serves as a starting point before any development of an AI system or other professional data analysis. The goals are:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Identifying use cases (Are there already ideas or concrete requests for improvement on the customer side and are data-based solutions for these possible and useful?)
  • What data is required for the use cases?
  • Is data already available and how can it be used?
  • Creation of roadmaps for the respective use cases

Who are AI workshops interesting for?

AI workshops are interesting both for companies with concrete ideas and goals and for companies that already collect data without a concrete goal and now want to find out what options for action this data offers them. A workshop usually takes one day and specifically addresses the situation and questions of the respective customers. A summary of results following each workshop also provides companies with a time-delayed opportunity to re-evaluate and follow up on ideas and projects, or to take concrete steps to create the conditions for data-based solutions.

The offer of AI workshops at the anniversary price is limited to 40 or until max. the end of July 2023. Booking multiple workshops is also possible.

For an exchange in advance, Cassandra Rudolph, Head of Data Science, and her team are available by phone at +49 9131 78 00‑125 or by email at datascience@infoteam.de.

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