Predictive Analytics and Maintenance

Only one percent of data available worldwide is actually analysed today. Don’t just sit on your data stores, but make use of them. Learn more about your customers’ behaviour, optimise your production processes or make an impact on the market with intelligent maintenance intervals. infoteam is your data analytics specialist with over ten years of experience.

We help you to create new business models and develop tailored analytics solutions for you, which answer typical analytics questions such as “What happened?”, “Why did this happen?” and “What will happen in the future?”. We can also optionally make it possible for your system to derive complex data-based recommendations for action. These form the basis for automated actions using artificial intelligence.

In addition to developing customer-specific analytics software, we offer consultation with regard to data exploitation and data storage, taking data security into account.

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Data Science

Our data science team takes care of your data. This includes the compilation and preparation of the data basis as well as the development of…

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Failure prediction for device components

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Predictive Analytics

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Software solutions for OEE analyses

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