OEE Optimisation

Get full value from your production. With software-based calculation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), manually coordinated systems and processes can be analysed and enhanced with regard to availability, performance and quality.

A central challenge involves the digitisation and consolidation of all required data from production, for which existing databases, file systems or MES (manufacturing execution systems) are often used. Additional data is usually required, which needs to be extracted from the diverse landscape of various types of controls, industrial PCs and sensors.

To minimise development effort, at infoteam, we frequently use existing standard software from our cooperation partners, such as the Nexeed Production Performance Manager in particular, as the basis for OEE calculations. This enables initial customisable detailed evaluations to be visualised quickly and used as a basis for discussion of anomalies in production.

To map the necessary company-specific process knowledge for individual OEE analyses in the software, infoteam adds additional modules to the standard software. If predicted changes in machine behaviour are also included in the modules, the OEE parameter can be extended to predictive OEE and prescriptive OEE. For example, you can carry out predicted maintenance during scheduled downtime, determine the ideal time to change the tool or optimise your resource planning.

OEE Optimisation in Practise

Nexeed Production Performance Manager

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager (PPM) is the Industry 4.0 software solution from Bosch from systematic production improvement. The software helps quality and maintenance management staff with decision making and makes their daily activities easier. Individual modules provide support with special functions, such as for predictive maintenance or live process monitoring.

The PPM harmonises various types of production data. The software can extract customised information from this and automatically apply production knowledge. The processed information is made available to the user directly and specifically. This enables response times to be shortened, errors avoided, responsibilities clearly assigned and newly acquired information to be made permanently accessible. infoteam connects machines, controls and sensors to the PPM and enables it to provide customised reports.

From connection to your infrastructure to customisation

As a Bosch partner, we assist you fully with regard to the use of the Nexeed Production Performance Manager. This includes the phase prior to and during installation within an existing infrastructure as well as customisations, maintenance and extensions during operation.

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OEE module for Nexeed Production Performance Manager

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