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OT meets IT

Siegfried Schülein will give a lecture on 29 May on the topic: "OT meets IT or simply IIoT - challenges and solutions in medium-sized mechanical engineering" at the Best Western Plus Plaza in Darmstadt.


The common strategic goal that German companies want to achieve with Industry 4.0 is the development of highly innovative production concepts in a Smart Factory. This must enable efficient, economical production up to batch size 1 without compromising quality compared to mass production. Flexible and adaptable production plants form the basis for this. With new modular, self-sufficient, decentralized and largely self-organizing plant and machine concepts, which are highly performant both horizontally and vertically and networked throughout, it will be possible to realize this "individual mass production".  However, a paradigm shift is necessary in mechanical and plant engineering.  The classic separation of automation software (OT) and information and data processing (IT) is no longer possible. The integration of OT and IT at all stages of the value chain is an indispensable prerequisite for industry 4.0. Furthermore, topics such as data science & analytics, predictive maintenance, self-optimizing processes, security, safety, usability and web and cloud technologies are becoming increasingly important. Machine and plant manufacturers, for example, must now consider the previously separate disciplines together in order to be successful on the market in the long term. Most large mechanical engineering companies have recognized this and designed and developed appropriate solutions, some of which have already been launched on the market. The situation is different for medium-sized machine builders.

The current technological basis of these companies is often a software platform that has grown continuously over ten to 20 years, which is often based on partly outdated technologies and programming methods, and which has usually long exceeded the end of its economic innovation capability. As a result, programming efforts that are clearly too high and constantly increasing are already being generated today with a continuously decreasing degree of efficiency, which makes an economic and technology-oriented realization of current and future customer and market requirements impossible. The requirements regarding industry 4.0, integration of OT and IT, new technologies and future economic challenges are not realizable.

The lecture deals with the current situation and the future requirements in the medium-size mechanical engineering. The way out of the "now", over the future technological and economic requirements up to the realization of a futureable and competitive software platform for the medium-size machine-builder is pointed out. The focus is on the strategic, economic and technological goals of the machine builder and an agile process model for the implementation of these goals. The aim of this lecture is to provide the management in medium-sized mechanical engineering with a concrete process model for the realization of a sustainable automation platform in their company.

Further information can be obtained directly from the organiser.