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infoteam supports with software for corona quick test

Franconian software service provider develops system software for COVID-19 quick test

Bubenreuth, May 14th 2020

  • Quick test by GNA Biosolutions GmbH shall detect SARS-CoV-2 in patient samples, in 15 minutes or less
  • The GNA Neo portable testing system will detect SARS-CoV-2 for up to eight samples at a time. First tests and instruments are anticipated in summer 2020
  • infoteam Software Group has on short notice freed up software specialists in medical and laboratory technology from other projects and made them available for the development of GNA Neo software

infoteam Software Group from Bubenreuth near Erlangen is supporting the development system software for a portable molecular test device for COVID-19 disease on behalf of GNA Biosolutions GmbH based in Martinsried near Munich. The GNA Neo test device drastically accelerates nucleic acid amplification (PCR) by introducing heating elements directly into the samples and heating them with pulses by factors faster than in conventional molecular diagnostics. Within 15 minutes, the small mobile test devices detect SARS-CoV-2 with high sensitivity, in contrast to antibody tests. The device will be able to process up to eight patient samples in parallel.

Two weeks ago, infoteam spontaneously and unbureaucratically joined the project as software service provider. To be able to support the development of the software as quickly as possible, up to six software specialists for medical and laboratory technology were immediately freed up from other projects on short notice. "For us, it goes without saying that we canalise and make our expertise available at any time in the current situation," says Alexander Brendel, Director Life Science at infoteam.

As in 2017, GNA’s technology was first used in a prototype system during a successful field trial in Sierra Leone to determine Ebola infections - at that time, the prototype software was running on a connected laptop. For the devices to be able to work autonomously, the software must run directly on the integrated hardware. This applies to both the control software and the user software with which users can operate the device. infoteam expects the software to be completed this week, with fine tuning planned for the next two weeks. This will also be followed by documentation in conformance with IVD standards, which is currently suspended due to a special approval.

With these exceptional accelerated product development timelines, GNA Neo systems are anticipated in summer 2020.

Contact at infoteam Software Group: 
Patrick Kraus
Marketing Communications Manager and    
+49 9131 78 00-860

Contact at GNA Biosolutions GmbH:    
Anastasia Liapis      
VP, Strategic Marketing & Partnerships
+49 89 99 82 07 195

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+49 9131 78 00-860

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