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M3 - Minds Mastering Machines

infoteam participates at the conference from 1-3 June 2022

Since 2018, Minds Mastering Machines has been the event for professionals who turn machine learning projects into reality. The fifth edition in June 2022 will take place in Karlsruhe. This year, infoteam is participating as an exhibitor and gold sponsor.

Among others, infoteam's Dr. Stefano Signoriello, Lead Data Scientist, will talk about reinforcement learning in a session:

Since the invention of computers, complex board games such as Chess or Go have represented popular and challenging problems for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Thanks to greatly increased computational power and related advances in the field of AI, reinforcement learning-based systems have now established themselves as perennial winners in many such games.

In the talk, he will present the work at infoteam using a reinforcement learning framework and show examples of the modeling steps required to ensure that customers win every optimization game in the future.

Thursday, June 2, at 2:15 p.m.