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Energy Production, Infrastructure, Safety

The energy industry is currently in a state of change. The demand for highly available, secure, efficient systems is growing constantly. ‘Digital transformation’, ‘retrofit of existing systems’ and ‘virtual power plants’ are just three keywords that describe the challenges facing the decentralised energy grids (smart grids) of the future. Modern, resource-efficient energy generation and distribution as well as water treatment and supply therefore require new processes and software solutions for intelligent grid management and maintenance.

The global networking of smart grids requires standardised, manufacturer-independent, certifiable communication between field devices and systems, as described by the proven standard IEC 61850. infoteam has many years of project experience in energy technology. Our expertise in the aggregation and modelling as well as in the automation and visualisation of data obtained from SCADA systems form the basis for long-term, successful projects with our customers.

With the ‘smart grid controller’, we offer a building kit for the customer-specific development of hardware and software in energy technology in conjunction with our partner SystemCORP. This enables individual components, or up to entire systems, in energy grids to be automated more easily and integrated efficiently into complex communication structures.

Christopher Schemm, Deputy Director Transportation & Energy


+49 9131 78 00-211

“Intelligent networks need intelligent communication.”

Christopher Schemm, Deputy Director Transportation & Energy

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