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Building Automation

Building Control, Embedded Systems, App Development

The Smart Home business unit and generally intelligent building controls are experiencing a rapidly growing market. The only way to exploit its potential over the long term is with software of the very highest quality. Embedded software which is permanently installed in the building controls needs to perform reliably and maintenance-free over long periods of time. These non-functional properties are only possible with considerable experience in software development. A particular challenge involves the retrofitting of existing properties and adaptation of older systems to various new requirements, such as smart metering or energy monitoring. In addition, target group-specific operating software needs to perform complex configuration tasks while ensuring intuitive usability. Due to the growing level of interconnectedness, including over the Internet in particular, the protection of privacy, and thus the security of software against attacks, is becoming an increasingly important issue for device manufacturers, system operators, and business and private users.

infoteam is the perfect development partner when it comes to the right software for building automation. We share our customers’ high quality standards and bring our comprehensive software expertise to the fore on equal footing in joint development projects. After successful market launch, we will continue to support you with competent enhancement and maintenance of your software. This protect your innovation edge on the market over the long term.


Charalampos Theocharidis, Head of Branch Office Dortmund


+49 9131 78 00-281

“The right software for building automation depends on the area of application: embedded software has to be robust and durable, while operating software must be intuitive and flexible.”

Charalampos Theocharidis, Head of Branch Office Dortmund

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