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Data Science & Analytics

Enhance your data stores and make use of the untapped knowledge to make well-founded data-based decisions. In the course of data analytics projects, we are happy to help you develop new business models and also advise you on key issues such as appropriate data storage.

Digital data contains knowledge that will shape future society over the coming decades. Data volumes worldwide have never been greater – and continue to grow exponentially. Due to the huge volume and the complexity of data relations, human experts are no longer able to keep extracting new insights from the data. Taking advantage of the powerful hardware available today, infoteam develops software for a wide range of applications – from data evaluation and prediction, image and speech recognition, to recommendations for action derived and automated execution.

We have been working on the intelligent analysis of data for over ten years with particular regard to our markets. We consolidate this expertise in our “Center of Excellence”, enabling all of our customers to benefit from it in the best possible way. In this way, we cover the complete range of services, from initial analyses, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, to artificial intelligence.


Data Science & Analytics includes the following competencies

Predictive Analytics and Maintenance

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OEE Optimisation

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Artificial Intelligence

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Industry 4.0 and IoT

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Image Processing

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