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Management team

infoteam in the hands of its employees

infoteam Software AG is a pure employee company. All shares in the company are held by current and former employees. As shareholders, they take particular responsibility for ensuring that the company’s objectives are met and contribute to the financial independence and long-term stability of the company.

The management team of infoteam is represented by Joachim Strobel and Michael Sperber, and by Jiang YunHao and Michael Hackl in China.

Management Board

Joachim Strobel Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Joachim Strobel is responsible for strategy and business development at infoteam as wel as finance & controlling, HR management and office management.

He is responsible for the operational business segments, marketing and sales, as well as for the locations in China.

Michael Sperber Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Michael Sperber is responsible for the technological development of the company.

He is responsible for the Expert House and the centres of excellence, as well as for project management, quality management and IT.

infoteam China

Jiang YunHao Managing Director infoteam Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Jiang YunHao is the managing director of infoteam Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd., based in Beijing, China.

He is responsible for the development and promotion of safety solutions for the Chinese market.

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board consists of Dr. Wolfgang Brendel (Chairman), Professor Dr. Helmut Bräuer and Wolfgang Schleemilch.